Facial Rejuvenation

Now there is a Better Way!

Most lasers now are FDA Approved for collagen rejuvenation. When compared to other lasers, the Lyra laser is very deep penetrating and therefore an excellent choice when treating fine lines, wrinkles and decreasing pore size. Unlike most lasers and IPL machines, the Lyra is FDA Approved Safe and Effective on ALL skin tones. There is no need to avoid laser treatments when you are TANNED or have the darkest of ethnic skin. The built-in parallel dynamic contact cooling makes the dermal remodeling procedures virtually pain free with only mild redness which disappears within minutes following the procedure.

NOW is the best time of the year to consider having these treatments. UNLIKE 90% of the lasers used in the hair removal industry today, there is no need to wait until you are not actively tanning. Patients need NOT avoid the sun for 6 weeks before All About Youth Nd:YAG laser therapy. IPL(intense pulsed light) machines and lasers with wavelengths under 1064nm are NOT recommended for DARK skin tones and tanned patients. With our 1064nm long-pulsed Nd:YAG Laser there is NO NEED TO AVOID TANNING and DARK COMPLEXIONS NEED NOT BE TURNED AWAY for hair removal, dermal remodeling, spider vein or acne treatments.


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