Hair Removal

Say Goodbye to Waxing, Shaving, Creams and Electrolysis
For decades, both men and women have tried various methods to remove unwanted hair from the body. These methods have included shaving, waxing, electrolysis and the use of depilatory creams. The problem has been that each of these methods produce various degrees of success and each has its own associated set of problems.
Shaving simply removes hair above the surface of the skin and the hair naturally grows back. Waxing may last for up to 6 to 8 weeks, but it doesn’t destroy the hair follicle and the hair eventually re-grows. Electrolysis is very time consuming and painful process. Because individual hair follicles can only be destroyed during the growth phase, about 50% of hair follicles are not effectively treated, requiring multiple re-treatments. And the use of depilatory creams is messy, smelly and time-consuming.

Lasers Are the Best Alternative
Over the past several years, lasers have gained widespread acceptance as the best alternative. They produce long-lasting hair removal in a faster manner than electrolysis. They also destroy hair follicles without the damage to surrounding tissue that electrolysis often produces. Additionally, many hair follicles can be treated simultaneously, allowing for fast coverage of large areas.

The problem with most hair removal lasers is that they cannot treat a broad range of skin types. Most lasers today are only suited to treating people with light skin tones and dark hair. That’s not good if you have darker skin tones or lighter hair color.
To combat the problem, All About Youth utilizes the Lyra Laser System with EDP. The new EDP (Extended Duration Pulse) technology embedded in the Lyra system enables the effective treatment of a broad array of skin types, and consequently a broader population range.

What does this mean to you as a consumer?
It means that if your particular skin and hair color profile doesn’t precisely match the capabilities of your physician’s hair removal laser system, your results will be less than ideal. It means you should seek out physicians who can treat the broadest range of skin and hair types. It means that All About Youth is the facility for you!
The Lyra will be used in your treatment. There’s no other hair removal laser out there like it. If you’re seeking fast, effective results for the removal of unwanted hair from your legs, chest, back or elsewhere, All About Youth has the technology for you! “the Lyra treatment.”

Pseudo-folliculitis Barbae (Shaving Bumps) and Folliculitis
Pseudo-folliculitis Barbae, commonly known as shaving bumps, is a widespread problem among individuals with curly hair and dark skin. As the hair follicle grows out of the skin, it immediately curls and re-enters the skin. The skin reacts to it as a foreign body and becomes inflamed and irritated, creating bumps.

Sometimes these bumps become quite large and can be somewhat relieved by using topical steroids. A more common method of eliminating these bumps is pulling the in-grown hair out after each shaving, which is painful and time-consuming. Now All About Youth can provide a long-lasting effective relief for PFB by removing the hair follicles. And because the Lyra laser is the only laser FDA cleared for all skin types, it can safely and effectively be used on tanned or dark patients.

Folliculitis is an inflammation of hair follicles due to bacterial or fungal infections. The area around hair follicles looks inflamed and acne-like often extruding puss. Unlike the PFB, folliculitis can occur in all skin and hair types and not related to shaving. This problem can be both temporary or chronic. Like with the shaving bumps, however, the Lyra can help. Because either bacteria or fungus cannot exist outside the hair shaft, by removing the hairs, the Lyra significantly relieves this malady.


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