Safe and Effective on Tanned and the Darkest of skin!

A bit about Lasers…
NOT ALL LASERS ARE CREATED EQUAL! The most important question a client should have is,
“Have you treated my ‘skin type’ or ‘color’ successfully for my condition?” AND ASK TO SEE PICTURES OF THEIR CLIENTS, THAT THEY HAVE TREATED, THAT HAVE YOUR SKIN COLOR OR DARKER!

Most Laser Systems and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Systems can NOT treat skin tones that ‘easily tan’ or ‘seldom burn’ when exposed to the sun. (that does NOT mean that you are tan now)

The ONLY Laser that is truly SAFE and EFFECTIVE on Dark, Tanned or Ethnic Skin is a 1064nm Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser!

This laser can treat the darkest of skin tones… can treat you with a tan… That’s right, you can have a tan and still get laser treatments if you find a facility with this particular laser! If you are of the skin tone that “easily tans and seldom burns”, you should NOT be treated with any other laser and definitely NOT an IPL system! Facilities that tell you they can treat your skin tone 1) will have to turn the system down so low, in order to not burn you, that the procedure will not be successful! or 2) If they turn the system up high enough to be successful, you may get burned!

Do your homework! The Safest and most Effective laser for dark, tanned or ethnic skin is a 1064nm Long Pulsed Nd:YAG with a flat top beam profile. A 1064 YAG that has a Stacked pulse or a Gaussian beam profile is NOT the same thing! (Not all 1064 YAG lasers were created equal either)

No matter what treatment you are pursuing, Laser Hair Removal, Spider Vein Treatments or Dermal Remodeling Wrinkle Reduction, you should look for the safest laser for your skin tone! Just because your friend was treated successfully at a certain laser center doesn’t mean that you will have the same safe result!

All About Youth Cosmetic Laser Centers will only use a 1064nm long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser on these skin types!


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